Gazzarrini Spring Summer 2020 ADV Campaign


For the launch of the new Spring Summer 2020 collection, Gazzarrini chooses New York.
A return to the city which, in the various editions of the fashion week, saw him protagonist.

This is nothing more than a natural continuation of the path taken a few seasons ago, in which Gazzarrini wants to reinterpret and update the canons of Made in Italy style and elegance.

A boundless contamination, which feeds on the meanings obtained from the peaceful territories of Tuscany and Campania up to the chaotic intersections of Manhattan.

What will be the next destination on this trip?

Gazzarrini Spring Summer 2020


Each Gazzarrini collection stages its own creative interpretation of the evolution of the urban environment of the third millennium.

Attentive to every change, anticipator of trends, lover of detail and animated by continuous research and experimentation, the brand is the mouthpiece of messages in which tradition coexists with modernity, the past is reborn in the future.
In this way, season after season, Gazzarrini always takes different forms and expresses new dimensions of identity.


Gazzarrini's creations are born from a continuous stylistic and material experimentation and are aimed at the contemporary, advanced man who lives in a balance between restlessness and romanticism.

The brand stages a world where tradition and conservation go hand in hand with technology and modernity and represents a refined and elegant man, a living synthesis between past and future.
Through his style, Gazzarrini expresses an emotion that is at the same time avant-garde and sartorial:
the need for new identity ideas is satisfied by the brand's creations.

Gazzarrini spring summer 2020 shirt